Rules of evaluating the Eurofly pilots

Valid since the 1st March 2018

Except for the digital atlas for the blind, the Eurofly is a flight simulator and a game, which every Eurofly pilot can join by a registration of their profile on the Eurofly server. This document brings you rules of the game and of evaluating the pilots.

1. Every pilot registered in Eurofly is evaluated.

2. The Eurofly company owns various types of airplanes which are the official property of the company and for needs of evaluating they are called as certified. Every pilot can create their own airplanes, however, they are not certified and thus not officially considered to be the property of the Eurofly company.

3. Only flights done with the certified airplane are included in the evaluation, thus all the following points in this document count on the fact that the pilot does the flight with a certified airplane.

4. Every flight ended successfully is written in the pilot's profile as a Flight without crash. Number of such flights is marked as Total flights.

5. For every flight done without using turbo effect the flown kilometers and time are counted to the pilot's profile on the server. These data are marked as Total kilometers and Total time.

6. Every fall of the aircraft is written into the pilot's profile as a Crash.

7. Except for all the flights, flown kilometers and flown time (Total flights, Total kilometers and Total time) there are checked these values without crash (Flights without crash, Kilometers without crash, Time without crash) in the pilot's profile.

8. In case of the crash the values of Flights without crash, Kilometers without crash and Time without crash are erased from the pilot's profile.

9. For every 100 flights without crash (WC) the pilot gains a badge "100 flights without crash".

10. For every 100000 kilometers without crash the pilot gains a badge "100,000 kilometers without crash".

11. For every 100 hours without crash the pilot gains a badge "100 hours without crash".

12. For achieving certified tasks the pilot can gain a certificate but this has no influence on their place in the chart.

13. Order in the chart is created by the following criteria: Flights without crash, Badges, Total flights, Total kilometers and Kilometers without crash.

14. The pilots who have reached level 6, have their share in the property of the company.

15. Every flight has its price. If the pilot does a successful flight, the flight price adds to the property of the company and also on the pilot's personal account. If the pilot makes a crash, the price of the airplane is subtracted from the company property and from the pilotís account as well.

16. After 3 idle months all the flights WC, kilometers WC and time WC will be erased.

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