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Hello everyone. My name is Fernando and I live in argentina but I am from England. I love knowing everithing I can about the world. For example, I like reading story and politics, geografy and a lot of things like that. I love playing eurofly because it is a great game, you can explore the world easily, and from your own home! if you want to contact me, I am in playroom as moff gideon. Have a nice flight!
19 years old
teacher pilot - 9 level
Rank 78
In Eurofly from 29. 12. 2016
Registered 24. 12. 2017
Last flight 25. 8. 2021

Badges 0

Certificates 0


Total flyghts: 175
Flyghts without crash: 31
Total distance: 161869 Km
Kilometers without crash: 37412 Km
Total time: 197 hours, 18 minutes
Time without crash: 44 hours, 45 minutes
Crashes: 53
Price: 14417408


Managua (Nicaragua) - Airbus A320
Bratislava (Slovakia) - Airbus A380
Tokyo Narita (Japan) - Boeing 737
Lima (Peru) - Boeing 767
Buenos Aires (Argentina) - Boeing 777-200LR Worldliner
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